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The $3,570 cab ride and the "little voices"
Source: Detroit News, The Arizona Republic
Contributors: Gabe Helou [gabe@mystery.com] and

COPENHAGEN (05-15) - At the conclusion of a 1,300-mile taxi ride from Copenhagen to Rome, the cab driver realized his customer could not pay the fare.
Driver Jorgen Gilberg, 24, was asked by his elderly customer to stop at the Vatican so he can collect the $3,750 for the cab fare from Pope John Paul II.
"That's when it hit me. A bad fare to Italy. I was about to collapse from laughter," said Gilberg. "I could hardly contain myself when he said the pope owed him money."
The man said the pope owed him over $7,000 but later admitted that "the voices in his head might have mislead him." The cab driver even took a tour of the Vatican before driving the man back to Denmark.

The luckiest lottery tickets
Source: USA Today
HARRISBURG, Pa. (04-30) - A stack of losing lottery tickets is the reason Patrick Gayle is still alive today.
Gayle, 33, was carrying the thick stack of tickets in his shirt pocket when he got hit in the chest by a stray bullet.
"You want to talk about being lucky?" said Gayle.
The bullet penetrated through a credit card and a cigarette lighter before reaching the $40 worth of losing tickets in his shirt pocket.
"Those tickets saved me," he added.
The bullet was fired as a result of a teen-age gang dispute.
A 17-year-old boy was arrested and charged with attempted homicide.
The tickets were handed over to police as evidence.

Prank results in hefty settlement
Source: AP
OAKLAND, Calif. (04-22) -    The former owners of KSOL radio station agreed to settle a lawsuit and decided to pay $500,000 to cover the tolls on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge for a period of three days and $480,000 for various bridge improvements.
    The settlement was a result of a May 1993 incident when a station employee blocked several lanes of traffic to receive a haircut while broadcasting live on the air.
   The incident was intended as a joke following reports that President Clinton tied up traffic at Los Angeles International airport while getting a haircut.

The trouble golf causes some people...
President Ramos late during punctuality week
Source: AFP, Reuters
Contributor: Barry Wood [BarryWood@compuserve.com]
MANILA (04-16) -    Philippine President Fidel Ramos arrived one hour late for an appointment during the national 'Punctuality Week'. Ramos woke up at 4:00 a.m. to watch Tiger Woods' historic win in the U. S. Masters golf tournament, then went back to bed.
   "My aide gave me a frantic call on the telephone because apparently I overslept," he said.
   Ramos declared the national 'Punctuality Week' to educate citizens of the importance of being prompt during their quest of becoming a globally competitive country.

+++ TOKYO (AP, 04-03) - A temporary exhibition at a Tokyo zoo caged "the most ferocious animal": a human. However, it wasn't very successful. "Children were more interested in a gorilla cage next door," said zoo spokesperson Yoshimi Kobayashi.

+++BUCHAREST, Romania (RPR, 04-02) - Tired of living across from a pile of garbage and leftover cement blocks, a 60-year-old lady asked the city mayor for an excavator and spent nearly six hours cleaning up rusty pipes, cement blocks and piles of garbage. Two weeks later, the Bucharest City Hall launched the "city cleaning month."

FYI * THE CHOICE IS YOURS: Drivers in the Philippines now have a choice when pulled over by traffic cops. Either pay a cash fine or ... drop to the pavement and do 10 pushups.

Bizarre!!! Crimes

4/29/97 - 5/5/97
Man steals free condoms
Source: WDTL-FM Cleveland, MS
Contributor: J. Forrest Goodman, Delta Radio News Director
INDIANOLA, Miss. (04-25) -    A man police believe responsible for stealing over 3,000 condoms from the local health office was arrested Thursday.
   Roger Townsend, 23, of Indianola had his pockets stuffed full of condoms when he was searched in connection with another case.
   Police found 3,000 more contraceptives after searching his home. Indianola police chief Ken Winter said, "This case has to rank up there with the strangest we've ever handled. I just don't know what he was planning or what!"

4/21/97 - 4/28/97
Messing with the wrong woman
Source: USA Today
BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, Mo. (04-17) - An armed carjacker should thank police for their prompt response when a 77-year-old woman defended herself in a parking lot. The woman (who asked to remain anonymous) may have looked defenseless to the suspect, Charles Hoelzer, who intended to take her car and money. Instead, Hoelzer got punched out by the woman and ended up cutting himself with his own knife. "I told one of those nice officers that if I'd have had a few more minutes, I would've really kicked his butt," the woman said. Hoelzer was charged with four felonies: first-degree robbery, attempted kidnapping and two counts of armed criminal action.

This week's winner is a law,
rather than a criminal.

+++ JERUSALEM (AP, 04-03) Contributor: Capt. Papineau [papineau@1cdndiv.kingston.net] - Talking on a cellular phone while driving is against the law in Israel. Police Commissioner Assaf Hefetz wrote himself a $230 ticket after several citizens witnessed him breaking the law.

4/7/97 - 4/13/97

Burglars take pregnant woman to hospital
Source: Reuters
WARSAW (03-31) - Three armed thieves interrupted their burglary to take a pregnant woman to the hospital - then returned and finished the job. The pregnant woman developed abdominal pains soon after three armed men broke into her apartment. One suspect was left with the woman's husband while the other two used their car to transport the woman to a nearby hospital. They then returned to complete their burglary. All three men were arrested shortly after.

3/31/97 - 4/6/97

>>>Stupid robber gets booted to jail
Source: Detroit News
Contributor: Gabe Helou [gabe@angus.mystery.com] WICHITA, Kan. (03-21) - A man accused of robbing a shoe store at knife point showed up to his trial wearing a pair of .. stolen boots.
A store clerk identified Charles Taylor as the man who robbed him of $69 and a pair of tan hiking boots, the same boots the defendant was wearing in court.
" I leaned over and stared, " said Judge James Fleetwood." I said, 'Surely nobody would be so stupid as to wear the boots he stole to his trial.' "
A jury found Taylor guilty of aggravated robbery and his boots were confiscated.
" We sent him back to jail in his stocking feet," Fleetwood added.
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