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blue ball GIFNewsPaper Mania
"Links to newspapers the world over. One of the best news link sites on the Web."
, Jim Sealy Jr

blue ball GIFCyrano de Bergerac
" A page dedicated to the one, the only, Cyrano de Bergerac, a fantastic play written by Edmond Rostand.
This site contains background, text excerpts, letters from fans, and soon will have essays from students on the play!"
, Jason Dunn

blue ball GIFChantal Kreviazuk
" A wonderful new talent from my home country of Canada, Chantal brings her phenomenal vocal and piano talents to bear on her first release, 'Under These Rocks and Stones'. She's one to watch!
This page is dedicated to her success."
, Jason Dunn

blue ball GIFFaith, Hope, Love
" A page dedicated to thoughts on the deeper things in life."
, Jason Dunn

blue ball GIFThe Cornish Oven
" A New Concept, A Unique Opportunity"
, Dan Stafford

Bud Uglly Web Page
"many people have commentid about the spelling at the Bud Uglly site but they nevir tell us whitch word is spellid incorrectly so we havent fixit it yet."
wwwvoice.comHumor Zine Thing.
MoRe Smart -aleckyfor Your enJoyment
StupidQuestWant to hear something Stupid?

The Dilbert Zone(Ever get the feeling he could have been based on your office? Jim)
blue ball GIFTHE CIA's WORLD FACTBOOK: Find out who they are and what they do to contribute to our nation's security.

blue ball GIFThe HAWK

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